Nadine Meets the Carpetbeater

Nadine gets the carpet-beater for posing nude

Nadine is looking for a new job. She gets an offer from a model agency for some nude photos and has to give them some sample shots. She sets up the camera in the living room, strips off, and is posing provocatively when Alex walks in. He is shocked and also angry Nadine who has turned out be quite a brat since she came to stay with him. He decides it is time for a proper lesson in discipline. He orders her to lay down over a bunch of pillows with her bottom in the air. When he reaches for the carpet-beater, Nadine begins to get worried. He has spanked her before, but she was always able to take it in her stride, now she's not so sure.

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Nadine Meets the Carpetbeater

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Enter Nadine Meets the Carpetbeater

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