Be Careful

Secretary strapped for spoiling Tom's letter

After the spanking Tom tells Elin to strip and fetch his leather belt. She brings the belt and then wipes the table clean before she lays down for her strapping. Tom cracks the strap several times across her naked bottom cheeks leaving deep red bruises. Then he has her kneel on all fours on the table while he continues the strapping. By this time Elin is in tears, but Tom is not yet satisfied. Elin lays down again with her hands on the floor as Tom continues to rain licks of the strap across her ass. He tells he to wipe the floor as he straps her. Finally, she has to spend an hour on all fours on the table to think about her mistake.

See below for the full photo story.

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Be Careful

Images permission of Girls Boarding School

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"Be Careful"

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